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Freitag, 8. Dezember 2017, 18:22

VEGAS Pro 15 Update 2 (Build 261)

  • The Picture-In-Picture OFX plug-in now takes advantage of GPU acceleration
  • The Crop OFX plug-in now takes advantage of GPU acceleration
  • It is now possible to enter a custom frame rate for the MAGIX AVC/AAC render format
  • More noticeable default highlight color for buttons in the active state
  • User definable custom highlight color for buttons in the active state

Bug Fixes
  • HEVC files produced by iPhone7 and iPhone8 are now properly supported and no longer show black frames
  • 5K and 6K HEVC files from the Panasonic GH5 are now correctly scaled down to 4K so that they appear and can be edited (although potentially with limited preview performance) on the VEGAS Pro timeline
  • The Picture-In-Picture and Crop OFX plug-in interact controls alignment has been optimized so that it more exactly matches the video frame under normal circumstances
  • Fixed a crash caused by a specific XAVC-S 4K file with QSV decoding disabled
  • Custom frame rates are now properly rendered with the MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4 plug-in
  • Multiply (Mask) compositing mode now works correctly with GPU on
  • Footage from the Mavic Pro drone is now properly supported
  • Audio from footage shot on the Xiaomi Yi 4k is now properly supported
  • The Quick Blur FX now works properly when GPU acceleration is turned off
  • Render As properly honors Constant bit rate mode or custom values when rendering to HEVC or using Intel QSV templates
  • VEGAS now displays iPhone movies with the proper orientation
  • Interlaced files from the Nikon D5200 are now correctly recognized and supported
  • Rotation information embedded in HEVC files is now displayed correctly
  • Repaired drawing problems in Win 7 that affected the usability of buttons/controls in the Batch Render script
  • The Color Match (and other) plug-ins no longer create unwanted color shifts during fades in 8-bit pixel format projects with the "GPU acceleration of video processing" preference enabled
  • Files rendered using QSV presets in the MAGIX AVC/AAC codec are now properly recognized in Adobe products
  • Buttons created via scripting no longer disappear or change in various scenarios
  • Pixel aspect ratio field values are now properly visible after being changed
  • The media frame rate for iPhone 7 files is now correctly reported
  • Keying numeric values into an OFX numeric field under certain circumstances no longer crashes
  • Audio effects applied to certain media no longer continue to affect the audio after they have been disabled or removed
  • Audio recorded through Xsplit Broadcaster is now properly supported

Download: http://rdir.magix.net/?page=5JK87Y8VP51T
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